How to raise $500 in just six weeks!

Start by sponsoring yourself = $25
Send out at least 10 letters and emails to friends (ask for a minimum donation of $26) = $260
(Think about your social network: book club?, people at the gym?, hobby group?, service club?, church?)

Week 2: FAMILY
Follow up on your fundraising letters and emails.
Ask five family members (minimum donation of $15 each) = $75

Week 3: WORK
Ask five additional co-workers to sponsor you (minimum donation of $10 each) = $50
Ask your boss for a company contribution = $25
Check with your company’s human resource department to see if they offer matching gifts.

Ask the neighbors to sponsor you (minimum donation of $5 each) = $25
(bring your kids)

Sell 15 tickets for $1 each = $15

Ask three businesses you frequent for a donation (e.g. doctor, dentist, dry cleaners, etc., $5 each) = $25

Grand Total $500

How to raise funds like a PRO:

1. Create a plan and a back-up plan: Strategize. Be Inventive.

2. Start early: Do not procrastinate.

3. Educate your donors.

  • About Youth Homes and the Missoula Marathon.
  • About children and youth and their families who are in need and/or crisis.
  • About your personal quest to complete a marathon/half-marathon and to raise funds to help Montana children in need.

4. Make potential donors aware of the benefits of contributing.

  • A chance to save a life.
  • Make a difference.
  • A tax deductible donation.

5. Follow through: Send reminders to potential donors.

6. Recruit volunteers: They will help you raise funds.
Friends, family members, co-workers and significant others can be a great help in soliciting donations and spreading the word about events you plan to host.

7. Give back to donors.
Wear their logo, bake them cookies, throw a victory party in their honor, send a personalized thank you letter with a picture of you after completing the race.

8. Ask BIG before going small: Think corporate and big money.
Suggest higher levels of giving.

9. Stay positive. Keep a good attitude. Remember the reason.
Fundraising comes with a lot of “No’s.” Forget those and keep going for the “Yes’s.” Plan for this so it doesn’t take you by surprise.

10. Just ASK, ASK, ASK!!

Top 10 fundraising ideas:

10. Do not think of fundraising as asking for money or a loan. You are asking as an advocate for those in need.

9. Do not discount anyone. While you may not have talked to that high school friend for awhile, it’s never too late to resume a friendship by telling them about your involvement with Youth Homes.

8. Use those who are close to you as a “mini-committee” to reach your goal. Ask them to share their Rolodex, send out letters, help plan a party.

7. You do not need to know all of your potential donors; it’s okay to accept donations from people you do not know. Just remember to thank them. By carrying fundraising letters everywhere you go, you may see that you can receive donations in bars, the bus and from passengers in elevators.

6. Ask your boss.

5. The best way to fundraise is to use a combination of techniques, including a fundraising letter, a party, corporate involvement, etc. .

4. Start early! There’s a lot to be said for those people who get all of their fundraising done so that they can concentrate on their training as event weekend nears.

3. Involve everyone you know. Most people see that their daily contacts supply plenty of potential donors. You’d be surprised at how many people you know – even casual acquaintances – who will support your efforts.

2. Youth Homes’ Run 4 Kids is a program that allows people to experience the joy of helping others vicariously through you. When you participate in Missoula Marathon you represent not only a child, you also represent all those who donated to your campaign. Make sure everyone realizes that their contribution will last much longer than the 30 seconds it takes to write a check or make an online donation. Mention your efforts whenever possible – you never know when someone has $20 burning a hole in their pocket.

And the No. 1 fundraising tip is…
1. Ask, ask, ask!